23 Apr 2017

Prepayment Terms and Conditions

Prepayment means that you have paid for your rental in advance, at the time of booking.

If you have prepaid your rental, the Al Yamama Rent a Car Prepayment Confirmation is subject to the following terms and conditions (the “Terms”). If you do not agree with these Terms, You may cancel your reservation and you will still be able to book online and pay for your rental at the rental location, subject to the applicable rate.

  1. Subject to specific temporary promotions that may apply, prepaid rates are non-discountable and cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. Prepayment Confirmation is not transferable to any third party. Only the card holder can benefit from prepaid rates.
  2. Rates exclude all applicable charges which are not expressly mentioned on the Prepayment Confirmation as included, and any optional additional services for which the customer may be liable. An authorization will be obtained at time of rental and only on return of the vehicle will the corresponding charges be posted to the credit card.
  3. A non-waivable amount may apply if the vehicle is stolen or damaged, for whatever reason, even if Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Waiver and/or Loss and Damage Waiver has been purchased or are included in the rental charges.
  4. You may amend your reservation free of charge, by using the same booking channel as the one used for your reservation or by contacting our local Office Number. Amendment to the reservation may affect the rental rates and may require a new Prepayment Confirmation to be issued.
  5. You may cancel your reservation by using the same booking channel as the one used for your reservation or by contacting our local Office Number. Cancellations made through our Al Yamama Rent a Car reservation website will take effect when recorded in the Al Yamama Rent a Car reservation system.

You may cancel your prepaid reservation as follows:

  • You may cancel the reservation free of charge up to 24h before the rental is due to start.
  • Pre-paid reservations that are cancelled on the date of pick-up or less than 24h before the rental pick-up time are fully refunded less a fee of 50.00 AED. If you prepaid amount is less than the “no show” fee you may claim back the amount difference. A cancellation confirmation shall be sent to You.
  • If You have not cancelled and fail to come to the Al Yamama Rent a Car rental location to pick up the Vehicle, the prepaid amount will be refunded less a “no show” fee of AED 50.00 net.
  1. If the amendments to the reservation are not made according to Article 4, no refunds shall be given for unused days for rentals ended early (i.e. the customer returns the vehicle before the end of the agreed rental period) or late collections, if the customer fails to collect the vehicle on the rental start date or cancellations made after the due rental start date.
  2. All rentals are subject to standard terms and conditions of the Al Yamama Rent a Car Rental Agreement in effect at the time and place of rental.
  3. Specific make/model preferences are subject to availability at the time of rental.
  4. Rental days are based on 24-hour periods commencing at the time of pick up. Additional day charges will apply if the vehicle is kept longer than specified.
  5. All drivers are informed that any information is supplied voluntarily in order to provide the car rental service and will be stored on a computerized database.

Deposit Policy

Pre authorization of AED 2,500.00 will be blocked on a valid credit card.

When you arrive at the rental location, you will be asked to leave a deposit for your rental. The deposit amount will be authorized on your credit card but not debited from your account. The deposit is intended to cover additional rental and other costs that might occur on the latter stage.


Cookie Policy

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Terms and Condition of Hire Agreement

  1. All rates are payable in UAE Dirhams and all major credit cards are accepted
  2. Salik (Road Toll) will be charged @ AED 5/- per crossing
  3. All fines incurred by the renter are his/her liability.
  4. Additional Driver:

With the consent of the renter, the vehicle may be driven by other persons. Additional Charges are applicable.

  1. Insurance : Collision Damage Waiver( C.D.W) is optional damage insurance coverage that is available to you when you rent a car.  Charges are application
  1. Delivery / Collection: Available Within and Outside City limits. ( upon availability of the driver)
  1. Documentation Required

Tourist Visa

  • International driving license.
  • Passport copy with the visa entry stamp
  • Driver Age (21 or above)
  • Valid Credit Card for Blocking or Pre-authorization

Residence Visa

  • UAE Driving license (minimum 1 year old)
  • Valid Passport or Emirates ID
  • Driver Age (23 or above)
  • Cash Security Deposit or Credit Card Blocking / Pre authorization

GCC  Visitors

  • Valid GCC Driving License
  • Valid GCC ID  / Passport copy with the visa entry stamp
  • Driver Age (21 or above)
  • Valid Credit Card for Blocking or Pre-authorization
  1. Extras are payable at the rental location ( upon availability)
  • Baby Seat
  • Navigation System
  • Permission to Oman
  1. The car rental office has the right to return back the car to it after three days of not renewing the Contract or delaying in the rent payment.
  2. The renter will bear whole car fines by Traffic Department during renting period. The renter has to keep guarantee of Traffic Fine according to contract.
  3. Al Yamama Rent a Car has the right to deduct equivalent amount of money through customer’s credit card if any traffic fine notified by the traffic police department at latter stage.
  4. Discount given to the client will be removed in case the client failed or delayed paying outstanding balance including accidents and car impounding

Damage Management Policy

  1. In case of accident or damage to the car, the renter will pay AED 2000, 20% of the insurance compensation or total car repair
  2. The renter will bear total costs or its repair if the renter does not fulfills whole insurance condition
  3. The renter will bear the full amount of the contract in case of accident, until the car will be repaired and returned back to the car rental office.
  4. If the accident caused the car to cancelled, the renter will bear the paid insurance amount for the remaining months of the insurance policy

Privacy Policy

We collect personal information that you voluntarily provide. This information is collected, notably when you:

  • Register
  • Make an online reservation
  • Contact Al Yamama Rent a Car
  • Use our online services
  • Make a booking enquiry online

We collect and process your personal information in order to allow us to provide you with the services ordered and the benefits in kind to which you subscribed.

In particular, we may use the information to:

  • Register you as a member.
  • Process your car rental and all associated services: Get a quote / make an on-line booking / modify or cancel existing reservation / manage your invoices…)
  • Send email notifications for special promotions should you wish so
  • Contact you by email about a booking you did not complete on our website
  • Send you a summary about a booking enquiry if you agree to provide your email address
  • Respond to your questions or suggestions
  • Improve the quality of your visit to our site
  • Send you our Newsletter should you wish so
  • Contact you in order to participate in customer surveys in order to improve our services